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Solid Gold
Again,'s headline editor wins the day.

So a while back, Eli emailed me to say that there had been some recent developments in Russian superhero art covered at the nonist. Well, I spent some time over there tonight, and was unable to figure out what Eli was talking about, but did come away with these awesome pictures of Russian prison tattoos:



There's a whole lot more to be found there. These are the more tasteful ones. "Since when did you care about decency," you ask? "The old had lots of, um, less than decent things on it," you say, and rightfully so. Well, here at the new, we like to keep things family friendly, because I have a job. Anyway, if you want to find the goods, you'll have to click through to the nonist and poke around there. .
The sportsman
Comedians often introduce a piece of hard-to-nelieve news with, "you can't make this up." Well, I've never really understood that line as well as I do today:

Cheney shot an eighty year old man with a shotgun.
Time for riots at home, too!
From the AP:

"Despite the sacrifices called for in education, Amtrak, community development and local law enforcement grants, health research, and many other programs frozen or cut under his plan, Bush's $2.77 trillion blueprint forecasts a record $423 billion deficit for the current year and improves upon that figure in 2007 largely by lowballing cost estimates for the war in Iraq."
So here's a bit of self promotion on an otherwise neutral personal blog named after myself:
I've just started a CafePress store! I only have 2 things up right now, but I'll be adding more, and if anyone has any special requests for stuff with photos on it (mugs, calendars, shirts, cats), I can do it right quick.

That link again, for those who missed my stealth before: store!