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Site Overhaul
Ok, so that's just an excuse to use the word overhaul, which sounds like I might be rebuilding an engine or something. Like these fine chaps:


In any case, I think you'll find the site a little sleeker, a little more dynamic for aeros, and above all, higher in the coefficient of "lean and mean".

Picture of the Day
I'm changing the front page to a sort of picture of the day. We'll see how that goes. I'm also going to try to set it up the be an RSS feed. That working is even less likely.
Israel Pictures
Hey, watch for a boatload of Israel pictures going up in the next few days, I'm almost done. That's all. Oh, and this funny picture:

Still here.
Yep, the good 'ol blog is still here, just relegated to a non-frontpage location. Maybe I'll even start posting again! Mystery, suspense, and fun! Also, duty and responsibility. Eat vegetables and quiet down.
Canada Day
This weekend we had a party for Canada Day. We built an igloo in the front yard out of chicken wire and some giant printouts of Wayne Gretsky.
The Second Coming, Not
The Pixies reunion was pretty amazing, clearly one of the most exciting things to happen in rock in the last few years. A Pavement reunion would be pretty rediculous (although Face The Truth makes it clear that a solid SM solo career is a pretty good compromise). But this is just too much. The only return to music that really matters, Jeff Mangum, was announced today on Pitchfork. Then, several hours later, Apples In Stereo had an exchange back and forth with the man himself, denying the story, and it looks like the denial is sticking. My God, that's the kind of emotional roller coaster I just don't have it in me to ride.

Jeff, we need you man, now as ever.

Ok, the picture at the left is a real picture of some Marines questioning an Afghan man. The one on the right is a fake picture of Bush all Bin Ladin'd up. But seriously, it took me way to long to decide for sure that the one on the left wasn't really Bush under cover. Re-dic-erous
Too Good

So this is what I like about Bush. On a policy level, his administration is a rapidly worsening train wreck, public opinion is down, and his party is facing the potential for a landslide defeat in November. Through all of this, however, it just seems like he's just hanging out (you know he doesn't actually care about any of this, he's just having a good time cause he gets to be president), getting into day-to-day hijinks. Like today, for instance, when he made fun of a blind man for wearing

Sign of the Times
Here's a good one, to file away as a rediculous thing that you saw happening "back when"...

A rash of SUV owners burning their vehicals to avoid loan payments!