The Trinity

Ok, so this is it. This is the year I'm finally going to observe the full hat trick: Lent, Passover, and Ramadan. Being the day after Fat Tuesday (it probably has a name of it's own, doesn't it?) I'm beginning my Lent give ups today. However, I felt like I needed to kick this off right, so instead of normal Lent, I'm doing a triple threat, SuperLent®. I will be giving up, for the forty or whatever days, the following three things:

First, and most devestatingly, Tang. Y'all know this is going to be especially difficult.

Second, salting my food after it has been served. This does not mean I cannot cook with salt, just that once a dish has been put on a plate, by myself or others, it's salt content will not increase. It should be noted that, as a member of a coop, I only cook for myself once a week, so I only have an opportunity to spike myself with salt ever so infrequently.

Bear Bread
Lastly, bread. This includes cookies and pita bread, but does NOT include beer. Otherwise, it would be just another Passover.

So, that's it, the triple threat for Lent. This'll be fun, right? And as a closing thought, I thought it was okay that these were all food related, since Passover and Ramadan are also food restriction themed holidays. I'm pretty sure I'm doing this right, are you? Wait, too late to change.