Clear Channel Go Home

So as of August 1st, the Tacoma City Council is supposedly going to start enforcing a decade old ordinance on billboard restrictions within the city. In response, Clear Channel changed a large number of their billboards (they have around 150 total in the city) to say "Constitutions Matter" as some kind of desperate shot at appealing directly to the citizens of Tacoma. Three problems:

1) Nobody associates "Constitutions Matter" with anything other than Bush these days.
2) They didn't even have the $4.95 to buy, and google doesn't place the phrase as having anything to do with their little tirade. Viral marketing failed.
3) Everyone hates billboards. You can't appeal to the public about that. That's like running a "Save Parking Cops" campaign. You can't win this.

However, I can't sum it up better than the guy who spray painted "Death To Clear Channel" Across one of the billboards up north. You appealed to the mob, and the mob has spoken. Go home.