Lies, damn dirty lies

Check out this conversation on the White House kids page:

"Q: Fran from Cave City, KY writes:
I and several other of my friends would like to write a note of support and thanks to President Bush for all he has done and continues to do on behalf of our nation.

A: Andy Card, White House Chief of Staff:
Dear Fran:

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your email and for your kind words of support. The President is always encouraged to hear from Americans across the country like you and your friends, and he is grateful for all of the people who think of him and pray for him every day. Thank you, again. I will make sure that the President gets your message. Andy Card"

Yeah right. Look White House, I can make shit up too!

Q: Billy from Carbondale, Illinois writes:
Dear Elliot: I think you're really great and I like reading your blog. Your photography is top-of-the-line. All my classmates agree. Your friend, Billy.

A: John Frankenbrown, Spokesperson for Elliot Levin:
On behalf of Elliot Levin, thanks for your email. Keep praying for Elliot, and have a fun and safe summer. Stay away from drugs and people who are different from you. Thanks again, and I'll make sure Elliot gets the gist of your message. John Frenkenbrown.

See? Anyone can do that, you don't need no fancy oval office, or dog named Boots or something like that.