A couple weeks ago, the AP did a little experiment whereby they stopped covering the antics of Paris Hilton to see whether anyone cared about the lack of ink devoted to the subject. Turned out, no one complained, thus proving that AP's distributors or their customers really don't give a flying fuck about Paris Hilton. Having proved this important fact, they assumably returned to devoting an absurd about of mental energy to some blonde girl and her money (it was only an experiment, after all. God forbid they take lasting action).

Anyway, I'm proposing the same treatment for Ann Coulter. She's just as un-newsworthy as Ms. Hilton, except for the fact that she gets to crack jokes in front of the potential leaders of the free world. By all means, the press should be chasing down all the guys laughing and clapping when she makes bigoted jokes. They deserve political crucifixion. But as for her, well, she's just an idiot with opinions. There are lots of those.

I'm going to set a positive example for the AP by starting this blackout. So, without feeling the need to call her bigoted, unbalanced, stupid, or ugly, I'm just going to stop. Any. Coverage. Now.