Devine Rage

Can we just be clear about how ridiculous the picture below really is? This is of the floor of the NYSE yesterday, after the DOW lost thereabouts 200 points on Fed comments about a slowing economy. We've seen pictures like this on days that the market is down so many times, we're probably pretty jaded. But come now, lets take a second to actually look at this:
First, and most shocking, is the guy with the incredibly flared nostrils, looking for all the world like he's waiting for you to throw a peanut so he can catch it in his mouth. But could this much emotion possibly be necessary? I mean, really, when was the last time you got this amp'ed at work? Moving on, we've got the guy in the behind him to the right, inexplicably yelling out of the side of his mouth. Did you notice his suit? I mean really, look at it. Last, we've got the guy to his left, made notable primarily by his dissimilitude to his two companions. Is he just slow, or does he really just not give a fuck? Actually, he kind of looks like he was just hanging out waiting for a bus or something, when all of a sudden a stock exchange broke out around him.

Ok guys, thanks for taking the time to reexamine something you otherwise might have taken for granted. It makes us better people.
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