They had writing!

As much as I hate to take things out of context, sometimes it's more fun when you do. Here's Tony Snow responding to the question on why, under the proposed White House rules, there would be no transcript of interviews with senior officials:

"MR. SNOW: No, here's the point, is we've set up a situation in which we think members of Congress and staffers -- this is open to members and staff, who are able to take notes, and we also believe that writing goes back to the inception of Western civilization, and the ability -- I'm not sure that they had recordings or transcripts, but they did have writing. There was writing."
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I was going to comment on the subject of the recent 911/Pearle terror confession, but this guy said exactly what I would have:

"I believe Mohammed is a terrorist, although I have only the U.S. government's word for it. But let's face it, we picked this guy up four years ago, we've held him in secret detention centers for years, he has no access to counsel, and we've subjected him to who knows what treatment. After all that, I'd confess to shooting the Pope.

If we're going to abandon our ideals of justice in pursuit of the war against terror, we have to accept that confessions we obtain will have limited credibility. Maybe Mohammed did plan 9-11, but I don't believe it because of his confession. I want some real evidence."



This just in:

Chiquita Bananas finance terrorism.

Choose your produce carefully, patriots. And jeez, everyone knows only wusses pay protection money.


Microlending is rad. Hell, rad enough to win (half) a Nobel. Anyway, meet Kiva. These guys are doing something real cool to promote microlending involvement from your computer-bound life. It's a little bit Sally Struthers-ish, but web-wisdom says it's legit. Check it out.

Oh, and you can use Paypal, so you don't even have to take out your wallet.


A couple weeks ago, the AP did a little experiment whereby they stopped covering the antics of Paris Hilton to see whether anyone cared about the lack of ink devoted to the subject. Turned out, no one complained, thus proving that AP's distributors or their customers really don't give a flying fuck about Paris Hilton. Having proved this important fact, they assumably returned to devoting an absurd about of mental energy to some blonde girl and her money (it was only an experiment, after all. God forbid they take lasting action).

Anyway, I'm proposing the same treatment for Ann Coulter. She's just as un-newsworthy as Ms. Hilton, except for the fact that she gets to crack jokes in front of the potential leaders of the free world. By all means, the press should be chasing down all the guys laughing and clapping when she makes bigoted jokes. They deserve political crucifixion. But as for her, well, she's just an idiot with opinions. There are lots of those.

I'm going to set a positive example for the AP by starting this blackout. So, without feeling the need to call her bigoted, unbalanced, stupid, or ugly, I'm just going to stop. Any. Coverage. Now.

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Maakies this week is holding an election for the joke next week (presumably in the mini-comic at the bottom). I'm campaigning for Option 1: A Pile of Beer. Vote Option One!

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Shameless cross posting for the purposes of my Google ranking:

Oh boy...

For folks like me that like glass, this represents something... I don't know, like some kind of holy grail, except not quite so good. More like if getting the holy grail also meant you'd have to carry around around a thirty pound lens all the time. Anyway, here's Sigma's new 200-500mm f2.8. Note the camera on the right for scale.

Read Sigma's .

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