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Site Overhaul
Ok, so that's just an excuse to use the word overhaul, which sounds like I might be rebuilding an engine or something. Like these fine chaps:


In any case, I think you'll find the site a little sleeker, a little more dynamic for aeros, and above all, higher in the coefficient of "lean and mean".

Busy, lately, I guess
Hmm...Doing more on this page is definitely on my list. In the meantime, chew on this, snapped in Vancouver, BC this weekend:
Radio Silence
Sorry for the recent radio silence, folks. I've been spending a lot of time with flickr, since Alex got me that pro account. There's a lot of new stuff in my photo stream, and hopefully one of these days I'll even be done with the Asia stuff... Anyway, this site is going to get a lot more pictures on it, but I have to wait for a couple things to happen first. So in the mean time, check out my flickr stream. Just to pretty up this post, here's something that just went up there, a gas station in Cambodia.
Phil Eck here with a preview of the next post on! Eli sent me a bunch of stuff about Russian super heros, and it'll be dropping on this here page tomorrow night...Just look for the album with *me* on the cover! (I greatly appreciate the one person who got that joke. In fact, mad "props" to whoever identifies it first in the comments, and honorable "mention" to whoever convinces me to come out of my music nerd hole).
Congratulations Daniel, the Oppressor
Well, Daniel has done a bang up job disenfranchising an ethnicity, and therefore deserves a prize. A shameful, shameful prize. If you haven't seen the final solution, check it out here.
Mad Props
Congratulations to Tina for getting in the first post this morning, insanely early, I might add. That's the kind of dedication that I hope will become the hallmark of Tina, your prize is on it's way! To me, that is, and will soon be on it's way to you, through me. Honorable mention goes to Gabby, who by the looks of her post, really *wanted* it, like Michael Jordan *wanted* all those NBA championships, or like Tenzing Norgay *wanted* to get to the top so that Edmund Hillary guy would quit following him around. So anyway, Gabby, I'll buy you lunch or something next time Amanda and I are in Portland.